#1 My Eating Disorder Story

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#1 My Eating Disorder Story

In this episode, I share my eating disorder story, how and why I recovered, and reflections about the role of food and body image in the Christian life.


  1. Wow thanks so much for sharing your story Ane! I knew some of that, but hadn’t heard nearly as much. Praise God for how He has and is using some of your most difficult seasons for His great glory! 🙂

  2. I am so grateful you spoke on this topic. I can relate in so many ways! I am not 100% recovered from my eating disorder either, but definitely on the side of freedom! The Lord has been my rock in this, knowing that it is most glorifying to Him to be the exact size He made me to be, nothing more nothing less, according to my lineage and ancestral heritage that my size is normal and trying to force it into a different shape is a disgrace to how He, in His Wisdom designed me. I appreciate you!
    One comment, if you will, it may be helpful to link your website after each episode on Spotify as it took me a while to find where to leave a comment

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